University of Warsaw

University Colleges and Facilities
(Warsaw, Poland)

Founded in 1816, Warsaw University is considered the biggest and most prestigious university in Poland. It is comprised of 18 faculties offering excellent degree programmes to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Faculty of Applied Linguistics and East-Slavonic Philology

The Faculty of Applied Linguistics and East Slavonic Philology offers courses and programmes in foreign language training, particularly in Western, European, and East-Slavonic languages.

Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Resocialization

The Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Resocialization offers only two fields of studies: Applied Social Studies and Social Prevention and Rehabilitation.

Faculty of Biology

The Faculty of Biology focuses on academic trainings and researches in the life sciences. It offers three primary courses.

Faculty of Chemistry

The Faculty of Chemistry has state-of-the-art facilities including laboratories and a faculty measurement facility.

Faculty of Economic Sciences

The Faculty of Economic Sciences deals with the studies of scientific and environmental issues affecting the economy. It offers three fields of studies: Economics, Finances and Banking, and Econometrics and Economic Informatics.

Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education provides effective instructional strategies in teaching. The two courses it offers are Elementary Education and Pedagogics.

Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies

The Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies deals with the study of land structures, composition, areas and measurements in various regions of the country and the world.

Faculty of Geology

The Faculty of Geology is made up of the following institutes: Basic Geology; Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Petrology; and Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology.

Faculty of History

The Faculty of History offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in Archaeology, Art History, Ethnology, History, Musicology, and Scientific Information and Book Studies.

Faculty of Journalism and Political Science

The Faculty of Journalism offers four degree programmes related to social politics and newspaper writing, namely International Relations, Journalism, Political Science and Social Policy.

Faculty of Law and Administration

The Faculty of Law and Administration is supervised by well-known lawmakers.

Faculty of Management

The Faculty of Management offers courses dealing with effective and productive business management.

Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics, and Mechanics

The Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics, and Mechanics integrates the concepts of mathematics and other applied science to information technology. It offers degree courses in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Faculty of Modern Languages

The Faculty of Modern Languages offers degree programmes in various modern and oriental languages such as Hebrew, Turkish, African, and Mongolian.

Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology

The Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology deals with studies relating to philosophical ideas and sociological concepts.

Faculty of Physics

The Faculty of Physics offers degree programmes in Astronomy and Physics.

Faculty of Polish Studies

The Faculties and other institutes of Polish Studies deal with studies relating to the history, culture and people of the Poland.

Faculty of Psychology

The Department of Developmental and Education of Psychology and several other research centres and institutes are located at the Faculty of Psychology.

Warsaw University

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